Tuesday, May 3

the small things

“It’s not the big things you say, it’s the little things you do.”
"From the vows at a wedding to a promise to get together with a friend 'one of these days,' we make a lot of promises we either cannot or do not intend to fulfill. This makes for poor business and even worse friendships. We would be better off to focus in on the little things we can do. How can we be considered trustworthy to a relationship? By the little things we do to keep our promises, not the big things we say. Actions always speak louder than words, and what we do builds a believable credibility about us. Of course we cannot always do everything we promise because we are fallible creatures. All of those brave enough to look in a mirror will find faults. But for those who are willing to make things right with those they have wronged, the power of Christ is available to forgive, restore and get you back to doing the little things that really count. After all, He’s the master of the little things. He’s a God who always keeps His promises down to the smallest detail." -John Fischer

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