Thursday, September 15


and I've realized a paradox of true forgiveness, at least to my human mind
to forgive without need of an apology
that Christ does not require our confession
to borrow a phrase-
"the mystery of mercy"
rather, the mystery of grace


  1. I like that blogspot lets you delete comments after you make them. I'm the typo-queen, you know...

    ANYWAY... good post. Thanks.

    I believe that true forgiveness cannot be dependent upon the 'forgiven'. It's more about the one offering forgiveness.

    There is life in the very act of forgiveness.

  2. It is assuring to know that we are forgiven always - but then what is the true purpose of asking for forgiveness if we're already forgiven?
    A friend shared with me the other day that it's just like when you hurt one of your friends - our sins are a direct insult to God. Just like we tell our parents we're sorry, we must go to God as a Father and ask Him to forgive us for sinning against Him, for disgracing His name, for not being near thankful enough for everything He has given to us.
    Sometimes I miss out on the blessing b/c I forget to remember God the FATHER. But I must go to my Daddy and tell Him how sorry I am... forgiveness that is two-fold: from someone we've hurt, and from our own Father for not acting like His child.
    Thanks for finally...'sharing Creth's thoughts'. ;) You should do it more often.