Thursday, September 22


you know what I've noticed lately? my sleep has been... sweet. maybe I'll give God the credit on that one, because I know there's someone trying to ruin it for me
(thought continued) peace. when I think of peace, I remember July seventh, that was the night that I picked Shawn up in Brownwood. the Lord gave me peace of mind, clarity of thought to realize that He is God. He is good. my mind... it's always racing with thoughts, thoughts that worry... I think satan waits there, talking with me about my life
that's when I call on Him. I've heard you say many times recently, how you've called on Him... that's exactly what I do ('Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...')
and I guess He's sorta like my dad. He won't necessarily fix my problem, but He will comfort me and He will be there with me through it all

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  1. I know I’ve said this before, but the thing that always amazes me about peace is that it is beyond our understanding. In heartbreak, sadness, desperation- where peace doesn’t belong- there He is, and there is His peace.

    What an incredible gift. I am my Father’s Beloved- and what He desires for me is peace…

    Anyway...great post.