Friday, September 2

they need Christ

I have been thinking more of myself lately than I'd like to admit. A friend told me that he too had been struggling with the all too common downfall of the bachelor... and I can't relay that thought in one sentence. A single man, as this is the only experience I have had personally, will eventually realize that he has been caring for himself.
I have, on occasion, had the clarity of thought to realize that most often I am thinking of myself. I have the ability to allow no one to become a burden... on my heart, of my thoughts, to me. Now I have seen it in friends, that when someone enters their life and they become something to each other, something more than, as Bonhoeffer wrote "merely an object to be manipulated" they have become a better person.
with their actions they have realized a part of who Christ was. this is who we need. this is who they need.
people have a distinct need. and there is one Gospel with many rivals.
God, forgive me. My sin is great. sanctify me. lead me, that I might follow Christ's example

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