Saturday, October 8


this is just a place holder.
I'm out of town and my minds not necessarily working.
I'll fill this "place" with something different when I think of something-
hopefully better
(also if you have any thoughts you'd like to "post" by way of commenting... go right ahead)


  1. My mind generally doesn't work even when I'm IN town.

  2. I guess we'll just be waiting...

  3. yes. I did finally find sleep. Whew.


    Hmmmmmm. Thoughts. (I'm thinking...)

    OH! Yes, I have a thought: Why do they call the brown paint 'Burnt Umber'? I find that to be a very unappealing name for brown. Yet, it continues to be the most popular brown for painting. Here's the problem: I don't want to paint with burnt umber. I want to paint with 'cocoa'. Where's the cocoa paint?

    Anyway, Just a thought. Thanks for the forum. ;-)