Thursday, October 6


but why are relationships so hard?
(I'm certain this is not the only response to this question, but a valid one nonetheless)
because we are seeking approval. we are seeking affection. we are seeking that something that cannot come from within but must be given from another. and where did this begin?
when God created man, he was born with a constant need for a relationship with his Creator. there are words that will only suffice when spoken by our great God.
when God created man, He knew that we would need the love of another... someone loves the term "skin" ...but it's true, we were originally made with a distinct desire for companionship. to go a step further without getting too far off track, a man for a woman
anyway, remember the thought process I talked about before? guessed it, it's the very same that causes me to seek those things found only in a relationship with God... to seek them out in my relationships with people.
now I believe the inverse is true as well. it is difficult to find what we as "humans" can offer, in God. therefor Eve. we all need our Eve, granted I'd say the need for God is greater...
Eve can save me from this present life, but Christ will save me for eternity
(yes, there's more but I've just got to go now... airplanes, sheesh)
(also it's fairly obvious that I'm "pre-dating?" this... I have no idea if I will be able to "reach" a computer over the next couple of days)

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  1. Preach it brother. It seems to me that the focus of a relationship now days is to meet a need instead of give something up. Marriage is a picture of total satisfaction instead of total sacrifice.

    Keep being Creth....