Tuesday, October 4

my heart will tear and bleed that it might grow


  1. Ouch -
    ...but it's one of those "good" hurts...like when you're sore from working out or playing football.
    But still...ouch.

  2. "Ask and you shall receive.."

    Creth, my friend- you have had an unusually high number of 'comments', as of late. ;)

    Anyway- good post today. Succinct, and, Oh so true.

  3. Creth, That's a profound thought! And then it makes me ask myself a question, "am I willing for my heart to tear and bleed that it might grow?"
    I remember my pastor saying, "He will allow to come on you whatever it is that will cause you to lean on Him!" Truly the times of growth accompany pain and suffering. I am so thankful that you are willing to seek His ways.
    Love, kg