Monday, November 28


I too often remember what I should forget and forget what I should remember


  1. Sin.
    Love of Christ.

    You are so right, and yet I do it everyday...

    I think Ed said it once "Remember to forget, and forget to remember." Were you around when he did that series?

  2. I think Ed said that yesterday ("Remember to forget...")


    No. I don't receive deleted comments. And, I'm still lost. What did the comment say- and why did you delete it?


    Yes. I finished "Four Loves"- but, again...confused with your train of thought...

    Explain, por favor ;-)

  3. By the way- thank you for 'Four Loves' (have I ever thanked you for that?)

    You were right- it is a great book. I love the writing style of C.S. Lewis, and- wow, he has so much wisdom.

  4. Yes this is me....I can learn the lyrics to a horrible song in minutes (and remember it for YEARS) but memorizing a bible verse takes me a lot longer (and I easily forget it). hahahah... a friend of mine said if only the entire bible were a catchy song then it would be a piece of cake to recite...I couldn't agree more.

  5. Yes, but not only that. I always seem to remember the things I've "forgiven". I have to pray about that every night.

    Sorry about your boys on Thanksgiving. I thought they would pull through, but alas...
    I hate to rub it in, but did you know the Colt's are STILL undefeated?