Wednesday, November 9

my thoughts, as they pertain to "touch"

we're so blinded by our flesh and blood, we take what we can feel, touch
it always lets us down, and we wonder why we haven't found what we need, but we aren't looking for it
and we are not open to it
that takes such a great... know ourselves
I've been told by The Great God to not have a spirit of fear and yet so often fear prevents the "soul meets body"
I am afraid to know who I am, I like the idea of who I have created, who I think you know I am
I don't want to know that I am less, and won't believe that I can be more
I wish to know the law by grace
to feel my flesh with spirit
that my dead body would meet my eternal soul
and then, I can meet someone for the very first time
then I can love them in their presence and in their absence


  1. I liked this: "to love them in their presence and absence."

    On another note, your banter on my sister's blog is hilarious. Micah is a longtime friend, so I pick on her like a sister.

  2. Seems that I've read this somewhere before...