Monday, December 5

chrome devils

can I propose this, as a pretty good description, of what we have working against us?
Hell is Chrome by Jeff Tweedy, Wilco
When the devil came, He was not red, He was chrome and he said

Come with me, You must go, So I went, Where everything was clean, So precise and towering

I was welcomed, With open arms, I received so much help in every way, I felt no fear, I felt no fear
The air was crisp, Like sunny late winter days, A springtime yawning high in the haze, And I felt like I belonged, Come with me
Come with me, Come with me, Come with me, Come with me, Come with me, Come with me, Come with me


  1. Anonymous3:36 PM

    wow. I wouldn't be quick to disagree with that...proposal.

    (PS. I'm happy that you're listening to Wilco...that's one step away from Ryan Adams...)

  2. whoops. that wasn't meant to be anonymous.

  3. HA...yes. It was just me. Sorry.


    a young owl on McKinney! That is exciting. You don't see many owls in uptown...I imagine.

    I wonder how young? I'm picturing a little baby owl and the thought is making me grin and say 'awwww'.


    'awwwww' :-D

  5. ummm...I can't attest to that. I have only known your profile for less than a year (a very short time to know a profile, if you think about it)

    and, I knew you were listening to Wilco (I was with you when you purchased your first wilco album...but, I'm just saying that I am glad you are 'listening'. There's a difference between listening and 'listening'...)

  6. Jeff Tweedy4:06 PM

    Thanks for quoting me.

  7. okay, I'm breaking the "once was unspoken rule..."

    who's commenting as Jeff Tweedy?

  8. duh.

    and...not even a little?

    just a tiny bit?

  9. Ha. Y'all are funny.

    This crome devil sounds much like the ones I deal with daily. They are so attractive and comforting. But just as we have expressions like, "It's quiet...too quiet." So do I sense, "This is good...too good to be truth," when I hear these things speak to me. (Notice I said too good to be truth - not true...big difference there).

    That's a pretty cool perspective, Creth.

  10. Yeah, you nailed it. "True" can have worldly connotations, especially in the phrase "too good to be true." But saying "truth," I think does add the eternal and/or absolute element to it.

    ("pie" in the word verification...david would be excited)

  11. david hand8:23 AM

    I want pie.

  12. who is doing this? again