Tuesday, December 13

"He has made everything beautiful in its time." Ecclesiastes 3:11


  1. where did your banner go?

    Are you going to unveil some new artwork today?


  2. oh...I see.

    I think you can use your own site to host images now (I did for my banner).

    You just create a new post and add an image, and then copy the html code and paste that in your format.

    It's pretty easy, and then you just keep your created post saved as a draft.


    But, on a side note, if you ever want to unveil some new artwork, I believe the world is ready for you.

    Think about it, Sir.

  3. your sister1:14 PM

    hey creth! we miss you. come over for a visit!
    have you seen the commercials for the new show "love monkey" with your favorite, "Ed"? "love monkey" is written very similar to your "love on the internet"...
    i too am curious, where did your banner go? are you going to change it to "love monkey"? ;)
    love you,

  4. I think I just made an enemy!! Would you go over to Jason and Christian's and give C a big hug? I think he needs it :o)... Besides you were laughing!!! That's just as bad as saying it!!!!

  5. "i'd give anything to not be appreciated in my own time."

    -regina phelange

  6. I love regina "filange."

    ("nun" in the WV)

  7. you say 'phalange', I say 'filange'

    let's call the whole thing off?