Wednesday, March 8


I think that Americans are suspicious that God is an old man behind a curtain, performing tricks or illusions- a wizard of Oz
and we don't want to be tricked or fooled, in fact we imagine that the old man might just be our fathers
I wonder how we will react when we do see behind the curtain, and what will the wizard do?


  1. Interesting thoughts....your own thoughts?

    Actually I am not a fan of Verners. No white shorts yet...or ever? Honesty is great.

    Yes I am almost done with An Arrow Pointing to Heaven. My brother Joe had it on his coffee table a few weeks back and I borrowed and LOVE, LOVE it. I ended up just buying my own copy b/c I was wanting to underline so many things. So good....

  2. ...I'm intrigued by this thought. Where did it come from, Creth?

    Is it just Americans that are suspicious of the wizard?

    Anyway, good post-- it has succeeded in making me say 'hmmm' while scratching my imaginary beard. I love it when a post does that to me.

  3. Wait...I didn't get a cd with the book and neither did my brother (I think). Hmmmm..maybe they stopped doing that. Too bad.

    Oh and I doubt your brother is going to see your comment on MY blog. :)

  4. HA...yes, I gathered it came from Creth.

    But, where did it COME from?

    I kinda hope that this is 'part 1' of a series...because I feel like there is more for you to there more?

    And maybe I was 'stroking' my imaginary beard versus 'scratching' it.

    Why do we stroke?

  5. Stroking is fantastic!

    Strokin' to the east. Strokin' to the west...

    I been strokin'!

  6. And you made it to they gym today! Who knew?

  7. what's goin' on with your banner frame?