Tuesday, March 14


"if we are able to be fully present to our friends when we are with them, our absence too will bear many fruits. Our friends will say, 'he visited me' or 'she visited me,' and discover in our absence the lasting grace of our presence." -Henri J.M. Nouwen


  1. I'm gonna go with it being too obvious that Monk Merton said what he said.

    Oh, and how odd that I'm responding to your response to my response to one of your posts by actually commenting on a different post.

  2. It may not appear that the lines of communication have been hindered, but unseen are the internal struggles I fought with regarding where to respond. I was able to persevere, but to say there wasn't a hindrance would be incorrect. :)

  3. Yes...it all DID happen. I was there with my camera to prove it.

    (you should see all the pictures I DIDN'T publish...)


    AND. I just realized that you are as 'old' as my camera. Wow. Happy one year DHT birthday.

  4. Oh, yeah-- you were a February baby. My bad.

    (and I just wished you a 'happy one year DHT birthday'-- I think it's safe to say that I am dorkier)

  5. Thanks!!! See, I haven't been shirking my Blogger responsibilities, I've just been very sick and very tired (not to be confused with "sick and tired" :o).