Wednesday, May 17

give it away

we've been studying "giving" for the last month at church and in the hometeam and if there's one thing that I believe it is that the "reward", the "return" from all that is given, from the blessings I share, from what God has given, are stored up in heaven. we give out of obedience, not because we've seen the product or expected result. that's how a business man might do it, but we are believers and called to obedience
and of course it sucks because we want to see, we want to know, we struggle with that and we can't let go of something without assurance
but we trust and obey
trust that the Lord is using these finances to the glory of His kingdom
and that's our blessed reward, here, on earth
anything else is... icing


  1. great thoughts! (and nice to hear your own)

    (Luke 14:14)

  2. you wrote!

    Wow- this entire series has been so on time for me. Everywhere I turn God is giving me the same message: obedience and sacrifice.

    (I think I should listen...)