Tuesday, June 20


application was the casualty of knowledge
that is to say-
that in the garden, the ability to apply was traded for knowledge
and as scripture tells us, "the more knowledge, the more grief"
I think much of this grief comes from our inability to apply our knowledge
(this explains how my accountant's finances are in shambles, my dentist's teeth are crooked and my pastor's eyes are wandering...)


  1. How does the saying go? "The longest distance is 6 inches...between your head and your heart"...or something along those lines. How easy it is to "know" the truth, but not fully grasp it in your heart.

    I'm so glad to know there are lot's of shelters there. Whew...that's a relief! :) I really don't have to worry about a place...I have a great house to stay in!

  2. Well said and concise...those are very interesting statements...