Saturday, August 5

Appendix A

Codependency is not a simple concept. We human are susceptible to codependency because of our sinful tendency to use defense mechanisms to fool ourselves. In codependent relationships, deceitful games are played. In addition, important Christian principles are often taken out of context and abused. For example, "Wives, submit to your husbands" is a biblical principle; but, taken out of context, the husband can avoid his responsibility to be loving while using his leadership role as a club to try to keep his wife in an unhealthy codependent relationship.
God wants us to have healthy relationships with a balance between being dependent and independent. He wants us to avoid addictions of any kind, including that of unhealthy codependency. Paul described this balance in Galatians 6:2-5 when he told us to bear one another's "over-burdens," yet reminded us that every man shall carry his own load in terms of personal responsibility.
The most effective means of overcoming codependent relationships is to establish a relationship with Christ Himself.... When we do we are free to develop healthy relationships with others because of the relationship with Christ.
by Dr. Frank Minirth


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