Wednesday, August 30

a lifetime

David might say, "PIE!"
mom (looks sorta like yellowstone, sorta)
dad (he still has that cowboy hat, I believe it is made of corduroy)
from top to bottom- mom, Shawn, Angie, & me (in... San Francisco)
dad playing the piano, Shawn sitting in a folding lawn chair -both in the bed of a pick-up truck
snow, yes, snow in DALLAS (also I apparently had a pair of cowboy boots at this time of my life)
(and that's Angie with the red hood)
Angie's first catch! (from our backyard)
me & dad in the Pacific Northwest
me & Shawn (when we both had hair!)


  1. angie6:58 PM

    how sweet! a little trip down memory lane ;)
    in the last pic, i definitely see little olivia looking like her uncle creth!! don't you think?
    love u.

  2. Love the pictures.

    (I think you left off one of you with an American flag in the background???)

  3. yea! Great pictures, dood.

  4. Awesome!! L-O-V-E the flashback!!!! Any special occasion? Reminds me of the flag picture :). Doesn't it make you feel kinda old to look back at childhood pix? It's hard to imagine life before digital, and yet, that has been most of our life :)

  5. yes, yes an EXCELLENT book!

  6. Your mom doesn't look anything like Yellowstone.

  7. shawn5:23 PM

    ok, that was a great collection! nice! (what i would give to have that hair again...haha)