Thursday, February 22


yesterday David sent me an e-mail with a few cute photos of baboons. little did he know that he would spark my dormant interest in monkeys. just for the record- one of my college roommates, Brian, promised to buy me a pet monkey once he saw "fit"
also, I own a gorilla costume.
here are a few pictures of my favorite monkeys in no particular order-
I'll be honest, I know nothing about this gorilla, I just like the way he looks.
this is a character from the cartoon Dexter's Laboratory, Dial M for Monkey
this is the Evil Monkey from the cartoon The Family Guy
1976 King Kong (classic poster... and yes, Kong is standing on top of the World Trade towers) most recent King Kong remake

the Monkees


  1. "cute"+"baboon"= oxymoron

  2. you are crazy, creth!!! i do think you should pull out your gorilla suit...hmmm...what would be the perfect occasion for such a treat??