Tuesday, April 10

the movies...

so basically I was having a conversation with someone recently about how bad Jamie Kennedy is. how he's not funny and he's never made anything worth watching (maybe the Scream movies, maybe) but then I see this trailer and I just think, "crap, I wanna laugh, and if I see this movie, I'm gonna laugh" and then there's John Cusack. basically I've hated John Cusack my whole life (kinda like "Nick" Cage, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Renee Zellweger... you get the point) but then I've realized (much like the case with Mr. Cage) that I actually like a lot of the movies that John Cusack has been making... and now I almost think, "sure, Cusack, I'll pay nine dollars to see you and your sister in a romantic comedy...." so even though this movie may not be so "romantic" it's definitely a comedy with a little drama sprinkled here and there Bobby D. anything he's in, I'm going to see. it may stink, but I'll still see it. Stardust fits the bill. Stardust looks like a fun little fairy tale but... it could TOTALLY stink. we'll see the Savages looks like another depressing movie that I'll love... that's about all I have to say about that David Duchovny... another that I'll almost always see but enter the theater knowing there is a fifty percent chance this movie is going to stink. but I don't think The TV Set is going to stink. seriously, watch the trailer a couple of times. enjoy it. you know this is going to be entertaining, funny, well written... sheesh. I think I'm going to go ahead and see this the Friday morning that it comes out


  1. Is this your indirect way of telling me what we're doing on our next four dates?

  2. I kinda despise John Cusack, too, but I sure did like Identity.