Tuesday, February 12

and I don't even watch this guy (Colbert) but... interesting

there is a lot to listen to, then think about in this short interview but the part that I had to hear again was when Colbert said,
"Evil exists because of the disobedience of Satan. God gave Satan, the angels and man free will. Satan used his free will and abused it by not obeying authority. Hell was created by Satan's disobedience to God and his purposeful removal from God's love, which is what hell is, removing yourself from God's love. You send yourself to hell, God does not send you there."
Dr. Z then replied, "obviously you learned well in Sunday school."
to which Colbert said, "I teach Sunday school mother-ucker"
I think I wanna be able to teach Sunday school.

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  1. lol....I couldn't help but crack up with the last line...Colbert was cracking up too. I'm surprised he had his facts straight.