Wednesday, February 20


scientific expressions used in everyday conversation. by Drew Piston

Newton's Law

As legend would have it, Newton was sitting in his orchard, thinking about important science things (pendulums, Bunsen burners, incarcerated rodents, etc.), when an apple fell and hit him right on the noggin. This led to two important things: the invention of chairs, so that one could sit in the safety of one's home, and the replacement of the apple orchard with fig trees. Newton's preference for figs over apples eventually manifested itself in the form of a delicious cookie treat. "Newton's Law!" is an exclamation used to describe comparisons in which there is a clear preference, such as "Figs are superior to apples in every way," or "The deliciousness of this cookie treat sure would be compromised were it to be made from apples," or, sadly, "Brian isn't better in bed than I am, is he?"

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