Monday, July 28

the balcony is closing for the last time

and that's just really sad. I really loved Siskel & Ebert, for me they were the first example of great chemistry between co-hosts on television that I'd ever seen (something that a lot of television execs could learn from, this is what makes good television and could make anything from morning shows to sports coverage so much more entertaining and enjoyable to the viewer. instead they just put a couple of "all-stars" together and wonder why it just doesn't work out. anyway...) it's been sad seeing Siskel pass away and Ebert's health decline over the years but somehow you always got the feeling that they were still behind the good show you saw every week. though it wasn't very easy to like Roeper, I've grown to respect his opinions. sadly the network and talent have come to a point of disagreement and no return (over money) and come August you'll see the last episode of the show as we know it. sure there are plans to have another show with a couple of young Bens hosting but who really cares? shame on everyone involved for allowing money to end this great program. two thumbs down.

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