Monday, July 7

July 7, 2008

do you remember Wilson from the television program Home Improvement? well my Wilson passed away today. sort of coincidental that the wikipedia page about the actor that played Wilson described the character as being a "beloved grandfatherly neighbor" because that's probably the most accurate description of Royce. my entire life my parents have had the same two neighbors to either side of our house. Royce lived with his wife Betty in the house next to my room. I remember laughing when Royce told me about having to "drive all of the way to Fitzhugh, far North Dallas" to see his then girlfriend, Betty. Royce was compulsively clad in either jeans or coveralls and until recently always smelled like pipe tobacco. Royce told me the story of the Freemasons, which he was a proud member. once my brother moved to college and the lawn mowing duties became my responsibility Royce taught me how to take apart, repair and put back together our Toro lawnmower. I can't describe the way that Royce was always there to help whenever I had an outdoor project. the Royce I knew liked to talk but never talked too fast, never raised his voice, never was sarcastic or cynical. he was a good neighbor


  1. i love this. miss royce already. all that you said is all so true. what a great great man! it just won't be the same without him.