Monday, November 3

you just can't be cheap when you're buyin'

gasoline. you can look around for the best price but if your car demands a higher grade, then you have to give it to him (or her)
electronic equipment. ever notice how the people that buy the $25 dvd players are usually buying two at a time? or telling you about how they can't watch that dvd because their player won't read it?
cereal & soda. the same problem exists for both of these products. Scooters & Dr. Thunder are no match for Cheerios & Dr. Pepper. never.
socks. originally I was going to say underwear but the more I thought about it the more I realized that I've never purchased anything other than the cheap stuff. as for socks- the cheaper the pair, the holier the ground you're walking on
toilet paper. people that try to be cheap when buying/providing toilet paper just make me mad. on the other hand, people that spend the big bucks earn a special place in my heart. admit it, you can name the people in your life that spend as little money as possible on toilet paper and you can also name the people that spend as much money as possible on the only thing to wander where the sun don't shine
okay, so that's my list but I'm sure there are things I've left off. you tell me, what do you spend the big buck$ on?


  1. groceries.

    good customer service.

  2. I will put this in--I bought a cheap DVD player and it works perfect and going on two years.

    I totally agree--I don't do generic groceries very much, there IS a difference.

    I pay extra for time. Meaning if I can get it now, close to me, I won't drive across town or a dozen places close for a better deal.

  3. I had a room mate that bought the cheap IMITATION Ramen noodles instead of the... expensive ones?