Thursday, January 29

my favorite cooks & chefs

Julia Child. aside from my mom, the first person I watched in the kitchen. unlike most teachers she was perfectly interesting and entertaining. seemed like a genuinely good person
Jacques P├ępin, introduced to me by Julia, has all of those wonderful French idiosyncrasies as well as a sincere desire to instruct and inform.
Martin Yan. just like Julia & Jacques I found Martin on public television, locally KERA. entertaining and informative, quite a character.
cable television arrived in my life during college. Food Network. wow. I wouldn't have to wait until Saturday to watching cooking shows and I wouldn't have to wait long until Alton Brown came on the scene with his unique take on cooking television. probably my favorite cooking program, Alton instructions never leave you asking "why?"
isn't that the last question you want to be asking when you're having fun with food?

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