Wednesday, March 11

Cubes on what were we doing before we tweeted?

"That sucking sound you hear coming from PCs, Laptops and phones every where is the drain of hours upon hours of people twittering day and night. Twitter is capturing the imagination of millions lately. From Ashton Kutcher to Shaq to yours truly @mcuban. Businesses are tweeting too. Twittering is undeniably of interest for any number of reasons, but the question I have, is where does Twitter Time come from ? Keeping an eye on the stream of tweets that can come your way, or watching tweets to keep up with what people are discussing or just curiousity and the voyeurism that is part of tweeting can suck hours in the day. So what did we used to do that we have replaced with twittering ? I could guess, but I thought I would just ask. I’m curious about how much time you spend twittering and what you no longer spend time on as a result.." -Mark Cuban
I'm curious too, something is suffering from all this web stuff- what is it? and sadly, as much as I think Twitter is ridiculous, it's like reality television and probably here to stay....

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  1. very good food for thought...
    have you seen the book "the dumbest generation"?

    i think that relationships (ie: family and the like) are really suffering from all this web stuff.

    i see it like a modern day idol...