Monday, March 23

movies aren't just movies or are movies movies?

you remember Roger Ebert? he's the one that's still alive. the fat one. well he's not able to be on television anymore but he is still writing and writing a lot. he writes about movies the way I wish most people would, "about them" not "at them." anyway, Roger's not afraid of philosophy and though we have different opinions, I really like reading what he has to say and sometimes commenting (you've never seen so many comments, he must have millions of readers because he gets thousands of comments!) recently he reviewed the new Nicolas Cage movie "KNOW1NG" you know the one that you thought looked like complete crap (me too). apparently it isn't c.c. and we should check it out. Roger says it's very thought provoking and if you believe the number of comments on his blog then you'd agree that it's worth discussing. what might we discuss? predestination and free will, or if you see it this way- predestination vs. free will. what do you think? who done it? you or Him? or you and Him?

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  1. Very interesting topic to discuss.I like it.Thanks