Monday, June 1

can't beat 'em, join 'em. that is, you will not beat the Texas summer heat so see a movie under the stars

in Texas (or the Dallas area) drive-in theaters are a galaxy away so if you'd like to save gas and still lose the couch potato moniker then visit any of these hotels, shopping centers, museums and (yes) theaters that offer outdoor movie nights
the NYLO hotel in Frisco offers a hip urban feel about 20 miles from the nearest city limit and movies by their super cool pool
Watters Creek is a mixed use shopping development in Allen- shop 'til you drop to watch a movie on the lawn! tired of the same old art house theater experience? then move outside to the cement playground (no, there's not a literal cement playground) in front of the Angelika Film Center (in Dallas) for the closest thing the big city offers to the drive-in of your childhood (except your car will be valeted and you'll watch the moving from the collapsible lawn furniture you brought) after an afternoon looking at inanimate objects at the Nasher Sculpture Center, move to the lawn for all the motion any one person could possibly want!
wanna tell your friends you braved the wilds of Oak Cliff and lived to... tell about it?! go to the Belmont for a beautiful view of Dallas' skyline and a movie by their gentrified pool
if you still prefer the comforts of restrooms and A/C then make the hike to Main St. in Grapevine to the Palace Theatre, you won't regret it!


  1. Some of the theaters at the Inwood have removed the seating and replaced it with oversized chairs and couches (replete with pillows and blankets if you typically freeze in the theater). And all this for the regular price of a movie...

  2. the Inwood's the best theater in town, hands down!