Tuesday, February 20

Betsy Randle = Amy Matthews

have you seen the new Advil television commercial? I think the slogan goes, "I'm all Advil" anyway I saw this advertisement and for a split second I was taken back to my sophomore year in high school, maybe even Jordan Hoover's bedroom... where I watched many an episode of Boy Meets World.
see, I heard a familiar voice in that Advil "ad"
and then I saw the face

(top row, second from the left)

yep. that was Amy Matthews I saw on television, tellin' me about how she is, "all Advil" (Brett Favre is too!) so... I just thought I'd mention that

because I loved me some Boy Meets World


  1. yes - i loved that show!!

  2. Good story! And great job picking her out like that. I know I missed it.

    You know, I agree with the Ecclesiastes reference you mentioned. How do you say that word though? Esclee's tees? Hahaha. Thanks, Abi.

    What time is it. I think it's time to quit. But I got two weeks to go. So, I guess it's time to be patient. Isn't it always time to be patient?

    Well, whatever the case, let's just say I'm tired of time. Which is a bit paradoxical itself, since tiredness implies time. Oh well. As time passes, emotions will ease up, and then a new time will be here. Who's ready for eternity? ME!

  3. Hmm...We'll see. I love movie watching, but I don't think that's what this time is about. Of course, I don't think it's about Muay Thai either. Just in case that was your next suggestion :D