Monday, February 19

Muay Thai

I know... you're wondering-
where's this new restaurant?
Spanish/Asian fusion??!?
this is Muay Thai.
Ricardo introduced me to it and now I'm going once a week (with Ricardo) to Plano (yes, believe it... 972) to learn from Saekson.
lemme tell you THIS IS NOT EASY and I'M WORKING MY SKIN TO THE BONE but I LOVE IT. as you know, if you know me, I might need something that... has the ability to keep my attention (hmm... never enjoyed classic "cardio" workouts, a.k.a. running or as I liked to call it, "too boring") and Muay Thai seems to be up for the challenge.
I'm just trying to figure out who I'll look more like in the end-
Zangief or


obviously I don't have the muscle build of either of these guys... nor the scarring... and unlike Sagat, I have full use of both of my eyeballs

but I do have a beard (score one for Zangief)

and Sagat is wearing the proper Muay Thai... uniform (decided against using such words as "outfit" or "attire" because... he's Sagat.)

anyway, I suppose only time will tell.

or Saekson.

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