Sunday, February 24


the aaaaaaaaaaacademy awards are fake but if they were real, this is what I think-
in the year 2008 for the year 2007 these are (some of) the winners and my thoughts on the winning.
best... cinematography: There Will Be Blood. obvious choice. No Country for Old Men close second
best "adaptation": No Country for Old Men. well done. earned. up against an equal in There Will Be Blood.
best "original" ...screenplay: Diablo Cody (stage name?). just goes to show you that truly anyone can write a story and if you're lucky enough (or know the right people) you will see it on the big screen
best... "director": Ethan & Joel Coen. finally! very deserving (though always deserving whenever behind the camera) in case something terrible happens to the Coens and they can no longer hold the little gold statue, they can give it to Paul Thomas Anderson for directing There Will Be Blood
best... actor...supporting role: Javier Bardem. I don't care what Regis said, I know who you are (I remember what you did in the Sea Inside.) amazing acting. deserving. earned. memorable performance. (many great actors nominated for this award including- Philip Seymour Hoffman, Hal Holbrook & Tom Wilkinson)
best Daniel Day-Lewis. deserving. untouchable. earned. unforgettable performance. the only choice any sane person could make, amazing actor, amazing acting.
best motion picture of the year: No Country for Old Men. great movie. best picture. (see also There Will Be Blood)
when so many years there seems to be a shortage of deserving nominations, this year there were almost too many. it seems that the academy has given up on its snubb of the Coen brothers, good. hopefully Paul Thomas Anderson won't have to wait so long for the same kind of fair treatment...

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