Monday, January 19

the television.

I hate television dramas and reality programming, so that leaves me with cartoons, sports, sitcoms (dying breed) and educational television. the point I'm trying to make is that FOUR of my favorite television programs were canceled this past year! and the local sports scene couldn't excite a Whopper virgin. may the following programs rest in peace- Back to You (love Kelsey Grammer) King of the Hill (this is Texas) Boston Legal (can't get enough of William Shatner) Pushing Daisies (it was my new Ed, now it's just like Ed)


  1. blasphemy!!!!! Pushing Daises was NO Ed!! you are freaking insane! Pushing Daisies was just Monk or Psych with pretty colors. predictable to the core.

    but i love me some Kristin Chenoweth

  2. Ok, love Kelsey Grammer and the old show Ed!!!

    King of the Hill--can't stand.

    Haven't seen Pushing Daisies all the way through but have loved Boston Legal when I do catch it. Very quirky.